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    Problem with task form generation with defined variables

    Marcin Zajaczkowski Newbie


      In a process definition I have:

      <task-node name="Set Project Name">
       <task name="Set Project Name" swimlane="ProjectDirector">
       <variable access="read,write,required" name="projectName" mapped-name="Project Name"></variable>
       <transition to="Set something else"></transition>

      but when I try to generate a form for that task (Details->Generate Form) I see no fields in a "Define the form fields". I wonder if they shouldn't be copied from the variables defined in that task?

      I have to set it manually in the "Generate Task Form" diagram. But even then after another call of "Generate Form" form fields list in empty again.

      I saw a bug:
      but I can generate a form when I add (every time) form fields manually.

      Could you tell me what I do wrong?

      I'm using JBoss jBPM JPDL Designer Plugin 3.1.2.GA in Eclipse