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    Process Escalation

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      I am not sure if this is achievable. Hopefully someone here can give me some advice.

      The idea is to have a pool of actors. When a request comes, anyone in the pool can pick up the task and approve this request. Since none of them will be monitoring the request, I need to send an email to only one of the actors. Subsequent reminder email will be send to him for a certain period of time. When the time comes, I will stop emailing him and start sending email to another person, with subsequent reminder email also. The same pattern can go on to the third person. This is a way of escalation I am trying to do.

      To make the above scenario work. I setPooledActors to the task but not assign the task to a particular actor. (This allows everyone in the pool can lookup this task and work on it. This is a preferred way to operate). Beyond this, I cannot come up with a task or timer can make the above scenario work.

      Can someone advice?