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    lazy init exception on getting Tasklist through Command EJB


      Hi all,

      Another challenge ;-0

      When I get the task list for a string[] of actors I correctly get all tasks
      for all the actors in the list. However the variables in the taks have not been initialized and consequently hibernate throws a lazy exception..

      In de GetTaskListCommand when you get the tasklist for a single actor there is a boolean wich if you set this to true it correctly gets all task for the single actor with all variables retrieved for all tasks in the list.

      There however does not seem to be this option on getting the multiple actor tasklist.... I tried various ways of getting around this since I do need the variables but the only way I have found to be working is to iterate over each task in the tasklist and initialize per task...

      Now this is incurring a lot of overhead in calling the EJB Command bean for every task...

      So the question is, is there a preferred way and maybe even why is there no:

      GetTaskListCommand(java.lang.String actor, boolean includeVariables)

      for the multiple actor tasklist ?

      I tried to no avail:

      - retrieveTaskInstanceDetails(java.util.List taskInstanceList) doesnt seem to do anything ?

      - setIncludeAllVariables to true on the GetTaskListCommand, also does not seem to do anything...

      For both of the above no log information of exceptions are being thrown in my logs and the jboss server is on full debug as is my application.

      I am using jPDL 3.2.3 on JBoss 4.2.2 GA by the way.