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    Error http 403 at JBPM-console

    Oscar S.P. Newbie


      I'm new in JBPM, just a few days, and I'm trying a book about it. There are some examples and I'm doing them, but I have a problem.

      I design a JBPM process in Eclipse, and add a list of users to the jbpm database (through jmx-console and HSQL Manager). But when I deploy the process over the server to use it, and try to log in the jbmp-console, I have the following problem:

      - If I try to log with one of the login/password I have in the database, appears an HTTP 403 Error (Denied access).

      The strange is that if I tray to log with one of the example loggins, there is no problem, and if I try to log with an invalid logging, there is a "no valid loggin" message.

      I work over Linux (Ubuntu), and have the 3.2.3 version of JBPM and the 4.2.2GA of JBoss.

      Could anybody tell me why this happens or where I can find some documentation? I have searched in Internet but I can't find any solution.

      Thank you all.

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          Soumyajit Paul Newbie

          Adding user is not easy as adding user to it's JBPM_ID_USER table.
          Follwing is neccessary during adding a user.

          1) Add a user to it's JBPM_ID_USER and note your USER_ID
          2) Check JBPM_ID_GROUP table to find the ID corresponding to user role and note it as GROUP_ID
          (This is neccessary because as per current context a user should have at least an user role)
          3) Go to JBPM_ID_MEMBERSHIP table and make sure that the USER_ID(noted step-1) should have atleast GROUP_ID(noted step-2)

          However for additional role to be added for a user you can add additional GROUP_ID found in JBPM_ID_GROUP table and subsequently be inserted them in JBPM_ID_MEMBERSHIP table. But remember that your custom user should have atleast a user role found in JBPM_ID_GROUP table.

          If you can check the dependency between the tables mentioned at step 1-2 and 3 then you will definitely understand the described story. check ER- diagram for them as well.Hope that this will solve your problem well.


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            Oscar S.P. Newbie


            Well, firs of all let me thank you your help soumya, and your time too.

            I've worked with the database and the problem was there. I used an example script which came with the book to update the users (there were in the correct JBPM table). But the user I was trying to use was set as "participant" (apart from his properly TASKS group). I changed that "participant" role by "user" and it worked.

            My question is, how can I change the level of the role "participant" to let it logging correctly? Because I have a lot of other users, as participants, and I would like to keep them with that role, and being able to log correctly.

            Or if you know where I can find information It would be very useful.

            Thanks a lot,

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              Soumyajit Paul Newbie

              For a role X make sure that the user that you have added must have an user role.
              So you need to do two things
              1) All user should have X role.
              2) Additionally all user should have user role.

              Therefore all user_id must corresponds to a group_id(that you have created in JBPM_ID_GROUP table) and additionally a group_id(corresponds to user

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                Soumyajit Paul Newbie


                role) in JBPM_ID_MEMBERSHIP table.

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                  Oscar S.P. Newbie

                  Ok, I'll work on it.

                  Thanks a lot!!