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    Task-create events not executing multiple times

    Brett Gladys Newbie


      I'm wondering if anyone has experienced a rather strange problem that I've been trying to figure out for a while now. I have a task-node in a process:

      <task-node name="directedBuyApprovalAction">
       <task name="directedBuyApprovalAction" description="#{actionItemLinkHelper.findDirectedBuyApprovalActionDescription()}">
       <assignment pooled-actors="#{pooledActorIdFactory.findDirectedBuyApprovalActionActorIds()}"/>
       <event type="task-create">
       <action expression="#{actionItemManager.addActionItemMetaDataDbMaPendingApprovalAction()}"/>
       <event type="task-end">
       <action expression="#{actionItemManager.removeActionItemMetaDataDbMaPendingApprovalAction()}"></action>
       <transition to="certifyFunds" name="approved"></transition>
       <transition to="requestQuoteDirectedBuy" name="rejected"></transition>
       <transition to="cancelled" name="orderCancelled"></transition>

      When I instantiate the process and get to this node, the task-create event fires, but only the first time that the process is instantiated, subsequent instantiations of the process do not fire off the action on task-create. Another strange piece of the puzzle is that earlier in the process, there are actions that fire on task-create that are always fired, no matter how many times the process is instantiated in the life of the application.

      Has anyone seen this behavior happen before, or does anyone have any insight?