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    a4j:support doesn't work on h:selectOneRadio

    kw wong Newbie


      The a4j:support doesn't work. When the user change the radio button, the valueChangeListener method will set the myBean.showAddress.

      <h:selectOneRadio id="devption" value="#{myBean.option}" layout="pageDirection" valueChangeListener="#{myBean.valueChanged}">
      <f:selectItem itemValue="0" itemLabel="#{msg.option_one}"/>
      <f:selectItem itemValue="1" itemLabel="#{msg.option_two}"/>
      <a4j:support event="onchange" ajaxSingle="true" id="dummy_id" reRender="address"/>

      <h:panelGrid id="address" border="0" columns="2" rendered="#{myBean.showAddress}">

      Has any missing on my code?