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    Using Seam to reference JBPM variables from JSF. Possible ?

    fmarchioni fmarchioni Newbie

      Hi all !
      I have developed a web application which uses JSF to display a Tasklist created with jBPM.
      I use in the main window a Datatable to display on every row the Task Name and all variables which I have added to the Task (via executionContext.addVariable).
      I'd like to know: is there a way to reference in JSF the Task variable directly using Seam ?
      Otherwise I have to create java Bean to host this variables and feed them to JSF----bad tight coupling !!!
      Has anybody got an example abotu it ?
      thanks a lot

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          Ronald van Kuijk Master


          Seam uses a number of different variable resolvers. I thought there already was a jBPM resolver. Could be though that it only works in the scope of a task. If you are on a task list, you are not in the scope of an individual task.

          Some remarks:
          - I would not display all taskvariables on that task list. Will become very slow (to many queries to the db)
          - put as little variables as possible in the task or even the process. Put as many as possible in your domain model
          - just show someprocess-level info in the tasklist e.g. the businesskey (key on the processlevel

          In this case you do not need the resolver you are talking about

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            fmarchioni fmarchioni Newbie

            Hi Ronald,
            thanks for your quick reply.
            If I understand correctly your suggestion: an idea could be to remove variables from the Process and persist them in a table. Then back the table with an Entity Bean which could be easily referenced by Seam resolvers.
            So I would use the Process Id to reference data in a table and keep the process light.
            Your suggestions are always valuable, thanks !