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    couldn't parse jbpm configuration from resource...

    Ashish Chawla Newbie

      Hi All,
      I am new to jbpm and running into an issue.
      I create a JBPM project in eclipse and deployed it ...i am running jbpm server from /opt/jbpm-jdpl-3.2.3/server/bin

      Now when i go to http://localhost:8080/jbpm-console, i can kick off the workflow....so far so good....

      Now I wrote a java class to invoke the workflow, and the class is at /home/ashish/InvokeWF/ and here is the source code for that....

      import java.io.FileInputStream;
      import org.jbpm.graph.def.ProcessDefinition;
      import org.jbpm.graph.exe.ProcessInstance;
      public class Main {
       public static void main(String[] args) {
       catch(Exception ex)
       public static void testSimpleProcess() throws Exception {
       FileInputStream inputFS = new FileInputStream("/home/ashish/Workflow/SubmitWF/trunk/bin/submit-process/processdefinition.xml");
       ProcessDefinition processDefinition = ProcessDefinition.parseXmlInputStream(inputFS);
       ProcessInstance instance = new ProcessInstance(processDefinition);

      When I run this class its giving me
      couldn't parse jbpm configuration from resource 'jbpm.cfg.xml'

      Can anyone tell me how to set the classpath and what all directories/jar files to include in the classpath and how so that i can invoke the workflow from a java class....

      Please help....