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    Integrating jBPM into existing JBoss server installation

    Amit Newbie

      I am new to jBPM and am having trouble making jBPM work with existing JBoss server installation.

      I've installed jboss-5.0.0.CR1 and also JBoss Tools (nightly build JBossTools-200807280816-nightly-ALL-win32.zip) on Eclipse Ganymede (v3.4) with WebTools installed.

      I've downloaded and unzipped the jbpm-jpdl-3.2.3.zip file (NOT the suite with preconfigured server) and within Eclipse pointed the jBPM runtime to this folder.

      However, when am trying to replicate a hello process given in the tutorial, the step for "Test Connection" in the Deployment tab of the Graphical Process Designer fails. The server is running fine in the background. The server deployer address is the default provided "/jbpm-console/upload". The test connection error message is "Unexpected Exception: An unexpected exception caused the test connection operation to fail". http://localhost:8080/jbpm-console/upload is not accessible with the browser either.

      Can someone point me to why jBPM engine is not talking to the JBoss Server? Thanks for your help in advance.