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    Jbpm seam webapp and jbpmconsole deployment order issue

    Frans Newbie


      I am using the Jbpm-enterprise ear, which is a littte modified to enable the use of seam together with the jbpm console.

      Then I have my own ear file which contains some ejb's and a webapp, which talks to a jbpm process (my application...).

      Build for JBoss 4.2.2 and seam 2.0.1, jbpm-jpdl-3.2.3

      Now comes the weird thing:
      When I deploy the the webapp before the jbpm-enterprise ear the webapp works...

      When I deploy the jbpm-enterprise ear first the jbpm process works, but the webapp issues the error: Error loading jbpm configuration: null (I can't get a logging furter than this, tried everything...)

      When I go the the .../jbpm-console and do a refresh (not logging in) and then again go the the webapp it works!

      Anyone a suggestion where to look further?