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    Tutorial documentation gap / java.examples as of June 2008 r

    Tom Bruser Newbie

      I'm very eager to get started in evaluating jBPM for use within our organization, however, hit a stumbling block.

      In the user guide for 3.2.3 http://docs.jboss.com/jbpm/v3.2/userguide/pdf/jbpm-jpdl.pdf within the 'Getting Started' chapter (Chapter 2) it is suggested that by downloading the jPDL Suite, I can immediately get started with the Chapter 3 tutorial.

      Within Chapter 3, it says that I should point Eclipse to src/java.examples - however, ever since the 3.2.3 release and move from CVS to SVN, this java.examples directory does not exist.

      This is not a show stopper since I'll just go grab the prior release from the download repository and reluctantly not work with the latest/greatest release... but thought that someone at JBoss might want to know about this gap