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    Inheriting from ProcessDefinition

    Paul Jacobsen Newbie

      To add some additional fields to my process definitions, I've subclassed the jBPM ProcessDefinition object with my own.

      <subclass name="com.xxx.XXXProcessDefinition"
       <property name="definitionName" type="string" column="SDS_NAME" />

      However, I'm unsure of what would be the best way to create a my new process definition subclass. The archive parsers and process definiton itself all seem to use the static function on the ProcessDefintion:
      which doesn't allow me to create my subclass while reusing the code to wire up the default module and such.

      Has anyone done this in a manner that wouldn't be likely to break on new releases of jBPM (i.e. I don't think it's a good idea to make my own function to create a definition or attempt to clone my subclass from the ProcessDefinition) as it would seem somewhat brittle should modules go away... or something else be added.