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    Is there any way to turn off logging completely? (3.2 GA)

    joe freeman Newbie

      We have an application that runs jboss BPM without ever persisting the process states to a database. We recently realized that our VM sizes were increasing because of the logging records that are kept in transientinstances in our process instances. The online manual says you can turn off logging by removing the logging line copying the jbpm-context section from default.jboss.cfg.xml to jboss.cfg.xml and by removing the line that includes service name='logging' I'm not sure what that really does. It turns out that this does not actually terminate the logging. Logging Instances are still created and filled with data.

      ProcessInstance constructor calls Token.addLog(ProcessLog)
      Token.addLog(ProcessLog) calls processInstance.getInstance(LoggingInstance.class)
      processInstance.getInstance() always creates a LoggingInstance as a fallback and attaches it to the token

      This means that there is always a LoggingInstance() tied to the token so logging always gets captured and hangs around. I don't see any way to not end up with a LoggingInstance.

      I couldn't find anywhere that the services as named in jbpm.cfg.xml were looked up and used in our application.