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    pooled actors  ?

    Dieter D'haeyere Newbie

      I am reading in 'open source soa' and came across 'finding all pooled tasks for an actor' (we need smt like that)

      Wat I understand from there is that the field 'pooled actors' should be filled with one or more actor ids (which match an individual user )

      I think this is conceptually wrong.
      Wouldn't it be wiser to have a set of 'roles' there ?

      Otherwise ... you would have to change your process definition every time a person leaves your company or when someone is hired (who can perform the task of course).

      Anyway ... at this time we will use the pooled actors as 'roles', the actor id as a user id ( username).
      When searching for a task list, we will pass the user id and its roles (which will be fetched in the application.

      Any ideas or remarks ?
      Is there a better way ?

      Dieter D'haeyere