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    JBPM Variables

    Amira Talbi Newbie

      I have a big problem that don't let me continue testing my process.

      My pb seams to be simple, but .... I have found no solution

      So... in few words; I have a method executed concurrently by two or more threads. This method set a processInstance variable; and this variable is recuperated by a second thread to be updated. The var is java List that I recuperate to add a new element.

      The pb is, when the second process gets the var setted by the first one, the variable is always null....

      So I added a logger to inspect the var just after setting it, and it is always null. But the process is using it internally and it works with no problems :(

      List<PtlReportedInfo> confirmedMsgs= (List<PtlReportedInfo> ) jbpmManager.getVariable(bpmId, PtlProcessVariables.CONFIRMATION_MSGS);
       log.log(Level.INFO, "________________confirmedMsgs_________________"+ confirmedMsgs);
       List<PtlReportedInfo> initialVar= confirmedMsgs;
       confirmedMsgs=new ArrayList<PtlReportedInfo>();
       jbpmManager.setProcessVariable(bpmId, PtlProcessVariables.CONFIRMED_MSG,
       log.log(Level.INFO, "--"+ jbpmManager.getVariable(bpmId, PtlProcessVariables.CONFIRMATION_MSGS));

      I need an urgent help please :(
      I have no more ideas