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    Dynamic Node query

    Prachuryya Barua Newbie


      I have never worked with jBPM (or for that matter any WF tool) but I am currently evaluating jBPM (and Alfresco) for a solution for a client.
      One of the specific requirement that we have is of dynamic workflows. What I mean by dynamic WFs is that the initiator may decide the users who will approve a document before sumbitting the same to the final authority. Something like:

      Initiator -> Dynamic Node -> Final Node -> end

      I also had a look at Documentum WF capabilities and it can "fill in" any number of sequential user in the "Dynamic Node" at the time of instantiating the WF. Is such a WF template possible in jBPM or is this something which is not really a standard WF requirement? Any thoughts in this regard will be of great help.