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    Jbpm webapp as a portlet

    ming lee Newbie

      Dear all

      I am a newer to jpbm and portal.

      I want to creat a jpbm process with task approve/reject,etc,and deplay this as a portlet , so that when a user log into portal , he can see his tasklist on the portlet. how to do this? can anyone give some advice?

      I know that the task assignment relate with the jbpm table in jbpm database, but i checked there are also tables in the portal database with jbpm_xxx, like jbpm_id_user,jbpm_id_group,jbpm_id_membership, etc. though i can cofign my jbpm webapp using the portal database, but when a user login portal , it 's just a user of jbp_users table, how can he get his tasklist?

      Apology for my poor English. hope you understand what i mean

      Thanks in advance!

      Ming Lee