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    IdentityLoginModule.java, impossibile to avoid IllegalArgume

    Natallia Shalakhanava Newbie

      Hi all.
      I develop the web-console for jbpm server and I tried to use IdentityManagement component for it. When I access IdenityLoginModule, and call a login() method, I get an IllegalArgumentException, which I cannot avoid in anyhow.
      Here is the listing of login method:

      public boolean login() throws LoginException {

      // get userName and password
      NameCallback nameCallback = new NameCallback(null);
      PasswordCallback passwordCallback = new PasswordCallback("pass",false);
      try {
      callbackHandler.handle(new Callback[]{nameCallback, passwordCallback});
      } catch (Exception e) {
      throw new LoginException("callback failed");
      .... .... ....

      In the first string there is a constructor of NameCallback, which is:

      public NameCallback(String prompt) {
      if (prompt == null || prompt.length() == 0)
      throw new IllegalArgumentException();
      this.prompt = prompt;

      As soon as NameCallback constructor is invoked with a null argument, the code throw IllegalArgumentException immediately, and I cannot do nothing..

      Can you explain how is it possible, if this class was tested or if I do something wrong?..
      I use JBPM 3.2.2, jbpm-identity.jar-3.2.2 e JDK 1.6.0.

      Thanks a lot!