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    Assign problem

    Peter Turanyi Newbie

      I generate new project. The only thing I create is assign activity.
      First deploy done but process don't work. I look to example hello and throw off generated tags and write new example like.
      Next problem I solve is add query to because generated WSDL schema use complexType ulike hello example where only part is used.
      When I assign straight from one variable to another everything is fine but when I try to assign expression concat('text', getVariableData('input', 'payload', '/tns:input')) process stop working.

      <schema targetNamespace="http://eclipse.org/bpel/text" xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema">
      <element name="textRequest">
      <element name="input" type="string"/>
      <message name="textRequestMessage">
      <part name="payload" element="tns:textRequest"/>
      <bpws:assign name="textAssign">
      <bpws:copy keepSrcElementName="yes">
      <expression>concat('text ', concat('text', getVariableData('input', 'payload', '/tns:payload/input'))</expression>
      <bpws:to part="payload" variable="output" query="/tns:payload/result"/>