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    <URGENT> I need your help desperate: How to stop jbpm proces

    yal lag Newbie

      I'm been working for the last 28 hours, I cannot find the answer. I beg for your help. I've searched the documentation of jbpm, nothing. I've read all the java doc also nothing.

      One of our jbpm process has a chance of running really long (20 hours+). We would like an ability to stop it. The process is spawned off from tomcat as a seperate thread. But because java does not allow killing of threads, there is no way to stop it. Interrupt() does not help because the thread is not blocked, it simply is running busy for VERY LONG.

      What would be a way to stop it? THANK YOU

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          Ronald van Kuijk Master

          kill -9 `grep jbpm`

          Seriously, it does not sound like a jBPM problem at all...

          Nevertheless, you should not have a processinstance running that long and using your own threads. Use jBPM Async functionality for long running actions. But then, if that specific code runs to long, you have the same problem. Unless you use e.g. semaphores (make your actions monitor something continously or some build in some listeners and stop if that situation arises). Again, nothing jBPM specific here