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    Any Way to Un-Hardcode Task Assignment From Process Model?

    John Hurt-Chan Newbie

      Can jBPM handle dynamic assignment of Tasks? For example, a simple case is to have Employee and Managers. WIth Task of "Performance Review". Manager is the swimlane and its assigned to group(manager). That is simple but hardcoded into the process model.

      < swimlane name="manager" >
      < assignment expression="group(manager)" />
      < /swimlane>

      But how to handle the more real-life situation. Where the "Performance Review" task is to be performed by someone who is not only a member of the group "Manager", but also that user(the manager) is the head of the same Dept as that of the Employee who's performance is being reviewed? How to you model it so that only some user who matches that dual requirement can work on a particular task?