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    authorization, roles in jbpm

    jan nowak Newbie

      I've downloaded jBPM-Suite and succesfully started jbpm-console under jboss. But I have to use another app server and I don't know how roles are passing to gravel (lib). I mean when I use jboss as app server, in login-config xml are defined rules like where roles should be taken from. Then in xhtml files are gravel's tags like '<ga:checkRole roles="#{access.role.process.deploy}">' where roles are from WEB-INF\access.properties. This tag allows to hide some data for users who shouldn't saw this section. But now there is a point. Roles from access.properties are passed to gravel lib by attribute of <ga:checkRole> tag, but how are passed roles saved for example in database (bounded with defined users like it sets in jbpm-suit sql examples)? How can i replace default authorization module by for example my module?