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    How to inject a Seam component in a Decision Node ?

    rrrrr rrrr Newbie

      Hi all !
      I have a simple Seam POJO which manages my task :

      public class SeamBean
       private int items;
       public int getItems()
       return items;
       public void seItems(int items) {
       this.items = items;
       public void startProcess() { }
       @StartTask @EndTask
       public void done() {}

      Now I need to inject this component in a JBPM Decision node:

      public class MyDecisionNode implements DecisionHandler {
       SeamBean seamBean;
       public String decide(ExecutionContext executionContext) throws Exception {
       System.out.println(seamBean); // NULL !

      Unfortunately the component is injected as null (I've tried also without declaring the scope = BUSINESS_PROCESS).
      Any idea how to fix it ?
      thanks a lot