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    newbie: looking to implement an old POJO client

    Luigi Esploratore Newbie

      I'm sorry but I wasn't able to find any answer about my problem.
      I'm a newbie to Jboss and JBPM so I'm going around without any success.
      I installed everything and I deployed some example succesffully. Now my "next level" is to try to implement a POJO client able to connect to the server and retrieve information about active processes and tasks (and even to interact with them).
      Is there some easy way to do it?
      Where I can find docs to solve this problem? I even read about some WS implementation but API could be enough for my case, where I can find some code example? Should I connect to the DB to retrieve this information or I can query it to the server itself?
      Any link or advice?
      Hoping that my answer aren't too foolish...
      Thank you in advance!