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    Problems with jBPM 3.3.0 GA and the GPD

    Koen Aers Master

      Hi all,

      Unfortunately there are two minor problems with the combination of the just released jBPM 3.3.0 GA and the GPD. Luckily it is very easy to fix these. Just locate the file named 'version.info.xml' in the 'src/resources/gpd' subfolder of the jBPM 3.3.0 GA installation and change the contents of this file with the following xml

      <jbpm-version-info name="jBPM3" namespace="urn:jbpm.org:jpdl-3.3">
       <classpathentry path="lib/jbpm-jpdl.jar" src="src/jbpm-jpdl-sources.jar" />
       <classpathentry path="lib/jbpm-identity.jar" src="src/jbpm-identity-sources.jar" />
       <classpathentry path="lib/antlr.jar" />
       <classpathentry path="lib/asm.jar"/>
       <classpathentry path="lib/bsh.jar"/>
       <classpathentry path="lib/cglib.jar"/>
       <classpathentry path="lib/commons-collections.jar"/>
       <classpathentry path="lib/commons-logging.jar"/>
       <classpathentry path="lib/dom4j.jar"/>
       <classpathentry path="lib/hibernate.jar"/>
       <classpathentry path="lib/hsqldb.jar"/>
       <classpathentry path="lib/junit.jar"/>
       <classpathentry path="lib/log4j.jar"/>
       <config path="config"/>
       <examples path="examples" />