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    BPEL development and deploy process

    Stefan Woerner Newbie


      i'm trying to create a chart which shows the process of bpel process development including the deployment and the execution. is there any graph out there?

      well some things aren't clear to me. i develop the processes in eclipse using the bpel designer 0.3.0. then i have the bpel file and the bpelx file and some wsdl files. for the deploy rebuild the examples directory structure (build.xml, src, ...). then i execute the ant script, which package the process files into a zip file, registers the partner services and deploys the process. the result is, that in the deploy directory of jboss there is the generated war file of the process. but i'm not clear about what's happening here in between (zip to war).

      some questions:
      - what is jwsdp for?
      - which tool generates the class files contained in the war file?
      - which tool generates the wsdl files contained in the war file?
      - which tool registers the bpel process as a web service?
      - is the jpbm-bpel-1.1.1 only the runtime? Or also a compiler?

      i hope someone can help me answering this questions. and sorry if some questions may be obvious to you, but i'm not clear about this. thank you!

      greets stefan