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    Security in jBPM

    vinod kakkanat Newbie

      Hi ,
      I am using SOA- Suite 4.2 which comes with jBPM 3.2.2.

      I want to access the admin console available in jBPM via JSF. i.e I want to use JSF as the front end. jBPM uses a file based security and the user information and their roles are stored in 2 different property files.
      "soa-users.properties" and soa-roles.properties".

      The login-config.xml file in the conf folder within the Server profile stores the information that it calls UsersRolesLoginModule class but that class is not to be found.

      Is there any way that you can directly call the jBPM API from the JSF Bean to authenticate a User and give him access to the jBPM Web Console.

      Thank You in anticipation