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    Waiting processes

    Sebastian Roekens Newbie

      at the moment i'm evaluating the jboss esb & jbpm functionalities. Interisting for us are functions regarding wait states of processes.

      Here mainly 3 types:

      - 1 process waiting for signal / finishing of another process (or several processes)
      - Several processes waiting for one signal / one finishing process
      - the combination of both -> some kind of complex dependency handling, several processes waiting for signals, several processes which should give signals to one or more other processes

      What are the best opportunities to realize these kind of wait states and messaging?
      And are there any (complex) examples and/or good documentation which aim at these kind of problems?

      Any help would be appreciated!

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          Ronald van Kuijk Master

          1: use subprocesses
          2: build some custom code that knows how the relation is and signal the corresponding processes
          3: hmm...... be creative...

          There are no examples of these since there is such a huge diversity of problems that we cannot start providing examples of these. But... there is a very flexible api to be used