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    Exception handling

    Amira Talbi Newbie

      Hi ;

      I have a processDefinition where I modeled a general Exception handler. But, the process seems to ignore that handler :( So I tried to place the exception handler in one specific action, and... Nothing is happening. The handler is ignored

      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
       <process-definition name="jbpm_process">
       <action class="*****.actions.ProcessExceptionHandler"/>

      Any suggestions?
      thkx in advance

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          fero kocun Newbie

          It works for me. If you don't specify exception class it should catch Throwable. So it must work for you as well. Only thing which is weird, is that I can't configure Action in exception-handler when I use config-type="bean". When using the same action without this it works fine. And when using the same action in node with config-type="bean", it works as well.