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    creating new pooledactors for every task instance in JBPM_PO

    David Stringer Newbie


      Could someone let me know if this is normal behavior ? We have a series of tasks where we are doing a simple assignment to a pooled-actor.

       <task name="Manual Address Review">
       <assignment pooled-actors="WD User"/>

      I am noticing that for every task-instance that is created, a new pooledactor is created, with a new corresponding join entry in the jbpm_taskactorpool.

      Is this correct behaviour ?

      If it is ? Couldn't this be done better ? It would seem that a pooled-actor should be created as part of the process-definition (Hence the version field in pooled-actor?) ? Rather then creating a LOT of redundant entries for every process/task instance ?

      David Stringer

      (Jboss 4.0.5, Jbpm 3.2.2, Java 1.6, Oracle 10g)