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    jpdl 3.2.3 -> 3.3 and new behavior of getGroupTaskList()

    Daniel Bremer-Tonn Newbie


      we migrated from jpdl v3.2.3 to v3.3 and did see some new behavior for
      "JBPMContext.getGroupTaskList(List actorIds)".

      In our scenario we assigned the same task to two groups of users (two pooledActorIds. Calling "JBPMContext.getGroupTaskList(List actorIds)" with these two groupidents returns a list of with one Taskinstance as expected.

      The same scenario with the new jpdl v3.3 will get you a list with two items, which are two references to the same Taskinstance.
      Digging into the code there was a change in the corresponding hibernate-query ("TaskMgmtSession.findPooledTaskInstancesByActorIds" in hibernate.queries.hbm.xml).
      The 3.2.3 version uses the "distinct" keyword, while the 3.3 one does not.

      Is this new behavior intended or some kind of bug ?

      Best regards,
      Daniel Bremer-Tonn