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    what are the active tokens

    Tom Eugelink Newbie

      I have a parent which has forked two childeren. At a certain moment the two childeren are each in some state and the parent is waiting in the fork. This means -for me- I have to two active token and one suspended.

      Some time later the childeren have joined and the parent is active again. This means -for me- I have to one active token.

      I would like to be able to determine all active tokens. I used to do this by scanning all tokens and removing all tokens that had a node of class "StartState", "Fork", "Join", "EndState".

      That worked ok, but for some reason I now get Nodes that have a class "enhancedByCGLIB" and cannot use that anymore.

      Is there any other way to determine if a token is active?

      Methods like isSuspended, isLocked or hasActiveChildren don't work (the last not because one of the childs at some time will enter the Join state and thus is not active anymore, but it never hasActiveChildren).