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    BPM engine within different tools

    Florent Georges Newbie


      This is not strictly speaking a jBPM question, but rather more
      a general BPM question, but I don't know where to post it else.
      I am interested in the position of a BPM engine within a whole
      system, composed of different tools.

      Let's say we have for instance an ECM. Should this ECM rely on
      an external BPM engine (for instance jBPM installed standalone)?
      Or should it embed an existing BPM engine? Or write its own one?

      A priori, I think this is more like the first option: rely on
      an external BPM engine, and provide support for instance by being
      able to be the BPM engine's UI, by providing a tasks widget, and
      by adding actions on documents like "go to the step X."

      But that's not clear to me. Any additional thoughts? And
      specific advantages, drawbacks...?

      PS: Cross-posted to the ML and the forum, not sure which one is

      Best regards,

      Florent Georges