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    process variable persistance

    Jeff Zheng Newbie

      I define several process variable in process
      I found that if variable type is String value, the persistance in table jbpm_variableinstance is OK , I can read their value from the way as below codes.
      if variable type is other types, such as Boolean/List, the result is always null.

      Boolean type is in table jbpm_variableinstance is S type, same as String type variable, having T/F value.
      While List type is B type in table, having null value.

      Whats the problem? And how to save this kind of process varible.
      Thanks a lot.

      ProcessInstance pi = jbpmContext.getProcessInstance(new Long("xxxx"));
      String originator = (String)pi.getContextInstance().getVariable("originator");
      BooleanisDelegated = (Boolean)pi.getContextInstance().getVariable("isDelegated");
      List delegators = (List)pi.getContextInstance().getVariable("delegators");