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    Sending mail using jBPM mail-node

    Mita Bhushan Newbie

      I am trying to send email using jBPM mail-node

      I configured the jbpm.cfg.xml file like below

      <string name="jbpm.mail.smtp.host" value="xxxx.com" />
       <string name="jbpm.mail.from.address" value="xxx@yyy.com" />

      my mail node looks like this

      <mail-node name="SendEmail" to="sdfgfsd@pp.com">
       xxx xxx xxxx xxx
       <transition to="Completed"></transition>

      when I deploy i get a warning

      Narrowing proxy to class org.jbpm.graph.node.TaskNode - this operation breaks ==

      Can you please letting me know what i am doing wrong