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    a question about TaskController

    Milan Agatonovic Newbie

      I use default TaskController for submitting parameters collected on task form. I do not know how I was missing this issue all this time, but it just happened :)

      so this line in mentioned class caused me headache + couple of hours:

      if (value!=null) {
       log.debug("submitting task variable '"+mappedName+"' to process variable '"+variableName+"', value '"+value+"'");
       contextInstance.setVariable(variableName, value, token);

      which means, I guess, that if the variable in task variable map has value NULL, it will not be copied to token, or process instance variable.

      Now, if I have task form (jsp) with check boxes and I collect submitted fields by request.getParameter(), I want to NULL this value on process level, but simply it cannot do.

      I am sure there was a reason for implementing this behavior. If somebody knows, I would be happy to hear it.
      Now, I am going to sharp my pen and write my own implementation of Task Controller.

      And yes, user doc says:

      When the user ends the task, the task controller is responsible for updating the process variables based on the task instance data.

      Thanks for comment,
      cheers and long live JBPM!