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    Persist DB state in BPEL process before call WS

    Carlos Oliveira Newbie


      I noticed that the processInstance is only persisted to DB after the BPEL process finishes. I read in this thread below that jbpm saves state on wait nodes and async nodes.


      I'm using BPEL process, not jPDL.

      When an external WS (long time running) is called from BPEL, JBPM should save the state before execute it, right? But it isn't, how can i do this? BPEL process don't have a async node like jPDL, and i don't want to call a lot of waits before the WS.

      Also is it possible to save state after each node? In the post above there's a code to do it, but it's not working.

      Thanks in advance,