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    JBPM 3 to 4 compatibilty

    Pascal Ravot Newbie

      Nice to know that version 4 is out :

      First question that raises in my mind is : what is the compatibility level with previous 3.X versions, regarding api & jpdl ...


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          Ronald van Kuijk Master

          version 4 is not 'out'. It is a first alpha. it will take 6-8 months before a GA release will be there.

          Regarding the api and jpdl, the API will not be backwards compatible, but from 4 on it will be. Otoh, if you encapsulate things in your own 'process access object' like a dao, your changes will be localized.

          jPDL will change as as terminology from BPMN will be used where appropriate. A conversion will be provided though that will do 80-100% automatically, depending on what you use. Details are not known yet