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    JBPM 4 - Is there a Roadmap???

    Andrea Zoppello Newbie

      Hi all,

      I've just start playing with jbpm4 and i could say, is that in my opinion is a great product ( well defined api, new BPMN like designer and so on ).

      BTW i know it's an alpha, and for the future, to decide to use or not, i need to know if there's a clear roadmap, and planned release schedule for JBPM4.

      Is there any roadmap???

      I also have some question about the final version:

      1) Do you plan to improve the editor to support support, BPMN Pool and Lanes ( At least the lanes??? ).

      2) Do you plan to make JBPM4 available as OSGi bundles????

      Thx for the attention.