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    Action in timer

    Sara Rodríguez Dorrego Novice


      I've created a simply timer that shows a message. This is the timer:

      <event type='node-enter' >
       <create-timer name='timeout' duedate='10 seconds' repeat='yes' >
       <script>System.out.println("I reset my timer!");</script>
       </create-timer> </event> <event type='node-leave' >
       <cancel-timer name='timeout' />

      This works, but ... when I want that, instead showing this message an action was executed, doesn't work!! Why?? Could someone help me??

      The timer is:

      <event type='node-enter'>
       <create-timer name='timeout' duedate='10 seconds'
       <action name="Tester"

      And the TesterActionHandler class is:

      public class TesterActionHandler implements ActionHandler {
       private ExecutionContext ec = null;
       public Log log = LogFactory.getLog(this.getClass());
       public void execute(ExecutionContext context) throws Exception {
       //I want to execute a this content with the timer

      My class extends of ActionHandler is that correct??? Could someone explain me why the content of the execute method is not being executed???

      Thanks a lot,