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    Multiple, Simultaneous Dynamic Tasks?

    Clay Mitchell Newbie

      Ok, help me out here, how can I tackle this problem?

      I'm trying to put a workflow to handle user access requests.

      A single request can require multiple approval types, which should happen at the same time.

      In addition, each of those types can require an arbitrary number of internal approvals.

      Let's see if we can give a reasonable example...

      Say you want to create a workflow to request permission to make sandwiches.

      You need to permission to make bread, cheese, meat, condiments.

      For bread, you need permission to use rye, french, and wheat bread

      For cheese, you need permission to use swiss, american and provolone

      For meat, you need permission to use turkey, roast beef, and ham

      And for condiments, you need permission to use mustard and mayo..

      Different people have to approve each ingredient. The combination of ingredients are always different.

      How can this be represented in a workflow?