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    task node does not have leaving transition

    Mita Bhushan Newbie

      I have a jBPM Task with two tranisition

      <task-node name="QuoteApproval" end-tasks="true">
       <task name="QuoteApprove">
       Approve/Reject the Quote
       <assignment actor-id="#{inquireHome.instance.salesRepEmail}"/>
       <transition to="CreateOrder" name="toCreateOrder"></transition>
       <transition to="RejectedRequest" name="toRejectedRequest"></transition>

      if I have a transition name mentioned on the EndTask I get an error "javax.ejb.EJBTransactionRolledbackException: task node does not have leaving transition 'toCreateOrder'".
      It works fine when no transition name is mentioned.

      Below code works fine
       public String updateQuote()
       return "closeRequest";

      EndTask with Transition name doesnot work
       public String updateQuote()
       return "closeRequest";

      Any Ideas!