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    findReceiveTokens query finds InvokeAction too

    Meghana Joglekar Novice

      One of our BPEL flows sometimes gets into a state where corresponding Token is not marked as ended. The END_ column is null. We do not understand why this happens yet. However as a consequence of this, when JBoss restarts this BPEL flow war file fails to deploy and throws ClassCastException in

      Receive receive = (Receive) token.getNode();

      in IntegrationControl.java

      When we investigated the problem, we noticed that the 'findReceiveTokens' query finds all actions and not just receive action. However from above code it seems JBPM only wanted to select ReceiveActions there. Then we changed the query to select only ReceiveAction by using discriminator value 'R' and deployment started working.

      This seems like a bug, should we file a JIRA issue?

      Also it will be great if someone can suggest under what circumstances Token is not marked as 'ended'. Why is it referring to InvokeAction at that point?

      Thank you,