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    How to attach parameter or form field values to s:link withi



      I have search/list form where user type search criteria, eg courseName and hit Search button. The search button is h:commandButton with a4j:support tag to reRender results part of page. The results are displayed in the lower half of the page which is enclosed with a4j:outputPanel tag. This all works fine, however I also have a button Add Course, next to the Search button (withing a4j:form). Add Course button is Seams s:link, with some parameters attached, eg.

      <s:button id="addCourse" ... />
      <f:param name="orgCode" value="#{value typed by user in search fields of form}"/>

      When I click the Search button, I would like s:link (Add Course) button to be rerenderd too so that it's parameters get updated with values typed by the user in search fields of the form.

      Is it possible to do this?

      facelts, seam, richfaces

      thanks you