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    Writing the XML of a ProcessDefinition

    Tom Eugelink Newbie

      Is the code that writes a process definition xml and its gpd xml from the designer reusable?

      I've build a rudementary JBPM designer using JGraphX. The reason is that JBPM's designer is not website embedable (AFAIK) and that some items are somewhat unnatural to edit in the graphical mode (events) of the JBPM designer.

      By extending JGraphX's example designer I can create an applet where the user can edit the PD in. The example designer takes care of all the mouse drags, undo's and all the other things a graphical designer should do.

      It's rudementary because it only supports start, forks, join, state and end; that is all I need at the moment. The designer has support for a.o. swiming lanes, but I have not included that yet. I did however include small buttons that allow in-design editing of the on-enter & on-leave event scripts and transaction condition scripts.

      At the moment I'm working to "complete the circle": read, edit, write. Currently I parse the PD xml (using the process definition class) and read its associated GPD xml (using dom4j). Now I want to write the xml's. I can, naturally, scan the PD objects... But the designer already ca write XML's. However, when I download the designer, I do not get sources...