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    java source code generator

    Hans Huber Newbie


      is there a tool that produces java source code from a process definition and generates string constants for node-names, transition-names and so on?

      like from

      <process-definition xmlns="" name="my-process">
       <start-state name="start-state">
       <transition to="decision-node" name="tra-decision"></transition>
       <decision name="decision-node">
       <handler ... </handler>
       <transition to="node-1" name="tra-node1"></transition>
       <transition to="node-2" name="tra-node2"></transition>
       <node name="node-1"> ...</node>


      class WorkflowConstants {
       public final String PROCESSDEFINITON_MYPROCESS = "my-process";
       public final String NODE_NODE_1 = "node-1";
       public final String TRANSITION_TRA_DECISION = "tra-decision";

      helps to keep process definitions and java code in sync and avoid missspelling of node and transition names.