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    exploring JBPM 4: some questions

    Luigi Esploratore Newbie

      I hope someone can help me with these problems in jbpm4

      1) Referring to the example in the JBPM 4.0 Developer Guide (par 2.2. Persistent execution mode) if I try to create a processDefinition in the PVM context, then when I try to deploy it I get the following exception:

      [DefaultCommandService] exception while executing command org.jbpm.pvm.internal.cmd.DeployCmd@17e6a96
       at org.jbpm.pvm.internal.svc.DeploymentImpl.getFileNamesForType(DeploymentImpl.java:401)
       at org.jbpm.jpdl.deploy.ParseJpdlDeployer.deploy(ParseJpdlDeployer.java:38)

      2) Futhermore, if I try to execute the following code (see the example in the developer guide)

      EnvironmentFactory environmentFactory = new PvmEnvironmentFactory("environment.cfg.xml");
      ProcessService processService = environmentFactory.get(ProcessService.class);
      ExecutionService executionService = environmentFactory.get(ExecutionService.class);
      ManagementService managementService = environmentFactory.get(ManagementService.class);
      ClientProcessDefinition processDefinition = ProcessFactory.build("loan")
       .node("submit loan request").initial().behaviour(AutomaticActivity.class)
       .transition("approve").to("wire money")
       .node("wire money").behaviour(AutomaticActivity.class)
      Deployment deployment = new Deployment(processDefinition);

      I get other problems:
      - PvmEnvironmentFactory does not exist anymore
      - It is not possibile to use the costructor new Deployment(processDefinition) since now Deployment is an inteface. If I try using the class new DeploymentImpl(processDefinition) I get the exception showed at the point 1)

      3) If I try to get a process already deployed, I could use the ProcessService.findProcessDefinitionById (or findProcessDefinitionByKey) but the ProcessDefinition do not allow me to access to the data that are available in ProcessDefinitionImpl.
      If I try a cast it does not work. How can I get the processDefinitionImpl (I mean the process infos such as nodes, events and so on) ?

      4) is there a way to contact the developers to signal possible problems?