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    jbpm 3.2.ga set transition

    idan koch Newbie


      i'm using jbpm version 3.2.ga with OC4J 10.1.2
      I'm to set an action that will check a variable and will change the transition and i am unable

      the action has the following action definied.
      i'm able to get into the action and but when i set transition i tried various ways to set the transition in the action.

      can you please advise maybe give code sinnepts of the process definition and the action handler?

      my process defintion

      <start-state name="start-state1">
       <transition name="Created" to="Created"><action class="com.orca.rightv.components.adminapi.jbpm.actionHandler.AssetManagmentTranslatedDecisionAction"/></transition>
       <transition name="Translated" to="Translated"></transition>

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          fero kocun Newbie

          Hi the problem in your code is that your action is called when transition is already taken

          so you can create and event in start node and add action to it. Or I think better solution is to put a Decision node after start node and implement DecisionHandler which return the name of the transition to be taken or simply use expression language if decision is very simple.