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    Timer on task not being deleted when task instance ends

    David Roberts Apprentice


      When adding a timer to a task in Jbpm 3.2.3, all was well. Code below:

      <task-node name="Initial Details">
       <task name="Initial Details" swimlane="Initiator">
       <variable name="IsReplacement" access="read,write,required"></variable>
       <variable name="EmployeeReplaced" access="read,write"></variable>
       <variable name="EmployeeReplacedSelection" access="read,write"></variable>
       <variable name="EmployeeReplacedOther" access="read,write"></variable>
       <variable name="JobTitle" access="read,write,required"></variable>
       <timer duedate="0 seconds" repeat="24 Hours" name="Initial Details Reminder">
       <action class="workflow.jbpm.TaskReminder" />
       <transition to="Responsible Director Approval 1"></transition>

      Now, with the latest Jbpm 3.2.6 SNAPSHOT, the timer does not seem to be deleted when the task ends. Only 24 hours later, when the timer is due again, it will try and run the timer once more, then delete it. So we have the timer running an extra time, when perhaps it should not be run again?
      I also think this change in behaviour may be the result of a bug fix/jira issue which was resolved: https://jira.jboss.org/jira/browse/JBPM-2036

      Should timers behave like this?