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    JBPM Assignment Handler 3.3.1.GA Problems

    Brad Davis Novice

      JBPM 3.3.1 does not seem to pass execution to the configured assignment handler delegate. Can someone please validate my configuration below?

      In the database, I see that the column ASSIGNMENTDELEGATION_ does have an entry, but in my logs, I get:

      2009-02-20 12:55:35,703 DEBUG [org.jbpm.graph.def.GraphElement] event 'task-create' on 'Task(do-something)' for 'Token(/)'
      2009-02-20 12:55:35,984 DEBUG [org.jbpm.identity.assignment.ExpressionAssignmentHandler] resolving first term 'user(jie)'
      2009-02-20 12:55:35,984 WARN [org.hibernate.hql.QuerySplitter] no persistent classes found for query class: select u from org.jbpm.identity.User as u where u.name = :userName

      Here is the task assignment handler configuration:

       <task-node name="task-node1">
       <task name="do-something">
       <assignment class="org.jbpm.identity.ldap.LdapAssignmentHandler" expression="user(jie)"></assignment>
       <transition to="end-state1"></transition>

      Additionally, I have a log statement in my LdapAssignmentHandler, which never is displayed in my logs, indicating it is not called.